• 2017 Call For Papers

    13th Annual Economics Teaching Conference Submission Guidelines

    As a “teaching” conference, we would like proposals for sessions that will improve the effectiveness of the educators attending the conference. Thus, we invite proposals that demonstrate innovative pedagogy, new technology, or other ways to improve economic education at the undergraduate and high school (AP) level.

    Conference sessions last one hour, and presenters will have the entire session. Thus, proposals should be detailed enough so that it is clear how that time will be used. Proposals should also make it clear what the goals of the session will be, and how the presentation will help attendees become more effective educators.

    The focus of this conference is on “doing,” rather than “reporting.” We encourage you to look at the program from the previous conference to gather ideas on what types of presentations are selected for the conference.

    Some ideas include:

    • flipping the classroom
    • using media in the classroom
    • new approaches to teaching a particular economic concept
    • innovative student assignments
    • methods of assessment
    • distance learning
    • teaching economics using popular culture or literature
    • classroom games, simulations, and experiments
    • conducting economic discussions
    • service learning in economics
    • teaching students to do economic research
    • collaborative learning
    • economics and philosophy
    • teaching economics to honors students

    Submissions must include:

    • A detailed description of the presentation, including ways in which conference participants will benefit from attending the session.
    • Contact information for all presenters.
    • Information on audio/visual needs (projector, internet, audio, other).
    • A short (2-3 sentence) description of the session for the program.

    Send your submission to NETAsubmit@gmail.com. Early submission is encouraged, as proposals are accepted on a rolling basis, and only 30 sessions will be scheduled.

    Note: If you submit a proposal, you are committing to attending both days of the conference. You will also need to make sure you have a laptop for your session.