• BIC 2016 About

    About the Award

    Who can enter?

    The contest is open to Principles of Economics, Introductory Economics, and/or Survey of Economics instructors who are teaching at a two- or four-year institution.


    How do I enter? 

    1. A Word document describing your teaching technique and how it has worked for you.
    2. The URL of a 5-to-8-minute video, posted to YouTube, which describes your technique, and, if possible, shows it in action.
    Use these guidelines to help complete your entry:  
    • Keep your document relatively brief: 500 to 1,000 words should suffice.
    • Outline your teaching technique.
      • What is the procedure?
      • What materials, if any, are required?
      • How easy would it be for another instructor to implement it?
      • What knowledge, skills, or insights do you hope to introduce or reinforce with this technique?

    For information on uploading a YouTube video, review this help page.

    How does the judging work?

    Once all entries have been submitted (by 11:59 p.m. Friday, September 30, 2016), a panel of 10 judges (selected by NETA) will choose the three winners.