• CourseReader Testimonials


    • CourseReader Project Reader’ has the potential to revolutionize the teaching of history courses. Primary sources are so often underused in the classroom simply because the readers are pricey or inaccessible. ‘Project Reader’ gives me the ability to customize my reader with sources that I think are relevant and provocative without adding in texts that, because unused, become mere filler. Brilliant!
      – Kenna Lang Archer, PhD Candidate, Texas Tech University

    • I give it a 10. It is far more convenient than our current primary source documents and I’m fairly certain that it would better my ability to retain the content in the documents.
      – Idrina Potts, Freshman, Trinity College

    • I think it is a great idea that will not only benefit the students but also the planet. The product seems organized, well thought out and a giant step forward from the current way students access their readings. I feel that this product will not only help to keep me organized but also help to improve my grades.
      Scott Dowd, Daytona State College

    • What appeals to me is that it will save money and that it is easy and is very straightforward.
      – Carols Gallegos, San Diego State University

    • It seems very simple to use, and the low cost would be perfect for college students.
      – Peter Bruton, Freshman, Boston College

    • This product is extremely innovative and a great step towards going green.
      – Samantha Ribeiro Senior, University of Connecticut

    • The ease of finding and adding specific documents, as well as assigning specific due dates--using the Reader looks easy for both students and their teachers in utilizing sources outside the classroom.
      – Bethany Harowitz, ASU

    • This is wonderful. It‘s brilliant. I will adopt it as soon as possible. Really, this is exactly what we need at exactly the right time. A recent survey of the incoming freshmen class found out 91% of the first year students had their own laptops. The product that you‘ve developed is now perfectly suited for a small regional campus like mine.
      – Andrew Kersten, Instructor, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

    • I think this is one of the simplest and most straight-forward e-readers that I have seen. I‘m particularly happy with what appears to be a stream-lined search feature…
      – Richard Schellhammer, Instructor, University of West Alabama

    • I think that the project reader is a great idea. I like the idea of picking your own topics to be included. I know that everyone emphasizes different areas in their classes and being able to tailor the reader to your specific interests is a definite plus.
      – Jeff Carlisle, Instructor, Oklahoma City Community College