• How CourseReader Works

    CourseReader is an easy to use and affordable option to the traditional print reader. In minutes, you can choose exactly what source document to assign your students.

    Simply go online to search or browse Cengage Learning's and Gale’s collection of thousands of text documents and video clips, to search, preview, and create your customized collection from across the disciplines.

    Starting today you can choose from over 3,000 readings, primary sources, articles, and videos. Our collection is growing as we add new courses, and as we acquire content for currently featured courses.

    Your students will always receive the pedagogical support they need to succeed with the materials you’ve chosen: many of the source documents include a descriptive introduction that puts it into context, as well as critical-thinking and multiple-choice questions designed to reinforce key points. With features like note-taking and highlighting, you can add your own comments to meet the precise needs of your students.