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    CourseBuilder offers engaging, interactive, affordable online lessons for Construction Management curriculum. The Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) and Cengage Learning have partnered to provide you with online lessons that you can build your course around.

    Students say, "I really enjoy the interactivity. It helped keep my attention and kept me going..." "Interactive content makes it a lot easier to stay engaged in the reading..."

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    What Is CourseBuilder?

    CourseBuilder is a peer-refereed online Construction Curriculum that publishes original works which address building construction and management courses related to construction around the globe. CourseBuilder offers an assortment of lessons for instructors to use in their classrooms. Whether incorporating individual lessons or tens of lessons, you are able to customize student learning by selecting the lessons that best enhance your curriculum. 

    The scope of CourseBuilder embraces learning chapter content through a broad spectrum of construction-related topics including, but not limited to: methods, materials, estimating, contracts and construction law, labor issues, productivity, project management, scheduling, simulation, computers in construction, construction equipment, safety, information technology, business practice, management, automation, robotics, environment, sustainability, international construction, alternative energy, mechanical systems, electrical systems, specialty construction, subcontracting, design-build, alternative delivery methods, and dispute resolution.

    Engaging features of CourseBuilder include hundreds of images, key term pre- and post-tests, videos, lesson scenarios, immediate student feedback, flashcards, lesson summaries and assessments, as well as instructor resources to track student progress. 

    Cengage Learning is proud to partner with the Associated Schools of Construction

    CourseBuilder supports the mission of the Associated Schools of Construction (ASC), a professional association comprised of about 130 universities and colleges. The ASC encourages the sharing of ideas and knowledge and promotes excellence in curricula, teaching, research and service relating to the construction industry. CourseBuilder recognizes scholarly work in the areas of construction education through the dissemination of Learning Chapters that contribute to the understanding of classroom instruction issues and topics associated with construction education and the construction industry. Submissions require the development of Chapter(s) with complete lesson plans that replace and/or enhance traditional textbook content.