• Changing Lives Through Education and Career Training

    Career Online High School is an AdvancED/SACS-accredited program that enables students to earn their high school diplomas while gaining real-world career skills. Career Online High School employs an innovative curriculum  aligned to the National Common Core Standards (NCCS), the convenience of an anytime-anywhere online learning platform, and interactive content that engages adult learners and helps them achieve their educational goals

    Proven Track Record of Success

    More effective than the GED in student outcomes and graduation rates, the program increases student and employee retention. Learn about our partnership programs.

    Employer-Driven, Skills-Based Curriculum

    The program is designed to help students be successful on the job or in postsecondary institutions, teaching the skills and knowledge needed in school and the workplace.

    Credentialed Certificate in Addition to Diploma

    Students earn a certificate in high-growth/high-demand career fields at the same time they earn their high school diplomas.