• Success Story

    Chris McKittrickChris McKittrick, CPA, MBA, CFE

    “CengageNOW allows students to do their required homework at their own pace, and helps me ensure that they do it. It also gives me a methodology to monitor what they are doing outside of class,” says Chris. “By looking at their homework grades, I can see how well they understood it. CengageNOW meets my criteria for an online homework tool.”

    Courses and Participants

    • Two 75-minute lectures and a 50-minute lab session each week.
    • Classes have between 200 and 300 enrollees
    • Some are accounting majors, while others take the courses as a requirement in the PCoM. Still others take it as an elective or as a requirement in a different discipline from another college within the university.
    • Chris’ students are required to use CengageNOW to complete 12-14 homework assignments.

    The Challenge
    With hundreds of students each term, Chris manages the process in part by following a “keep it simple” philosophy. “I would have a difficult time creating assignments, grading them, answering students’ questions, and tracking student progress without online tools that automate some of my tasks,” he says.

    The Results
    With CengageNOW, students complete homework online and have a variety of resources to help them answer correctly if they need guidance. Problems may be supported by hints, demonstrations, videos, eLectures, and links to the eBook version of the text. Students can see if their response is correct by clicking the “Check My Work” link.
    Some assignments offer expanded post-submission feedback, provided at the instructor’s discretion, which includes the correct response as well as source calculations and/or commentary to guide students to deeper understanding.

    In Conclusion
    “The only way to learn accounting is to do accounting,” says Chris. “CengageNOW provides an environment that allows students to get the practice that they need.