• Results

    CengageNOW Whitepaper
    In a national, semester-long study, students in classes using CengageNOW showed significantly greater growth in accounting knowledge and skills than students in classes that did not use CengageNOW.




    Student Grades Increases Dramatically Using CengageNOW
    Students in classes using CengageNOW achieved significantly higher final end-of course grades in accounting than did students in classes using the same textbooks but without CengageNOW. This level of growth reflects an increase from the 50th to the 64th percentile (14 percentile points).



    CengageNOW Enhances Student Engagement
    All instructors reported that students’ engagement was positively impacted by their use of CengageNOW, with 33% saying engagement was greatly impacted, 53% saying it was somewhat impacted and 13% saying it was slightly impacted. All instructors using CengageNOW felt that students were either very engaged (53% of instructors) or somewhat engaged (47%) with the coursework, with 97% of students agreeing that they found the coursework to be either very engaging (62%) or somewhat engaging (35%).



    CengageNOW Helps Instructors Teach Better
    All 15 instructors using CengageNOW felt that it contributed to the improvement of student learning outcomes, with 33% saying outcomes were greatly improved, 60% saying somewhat improved, and 7% saying slightly improved. In addition, all but one instructor felt that CengageNOW helped to get students through their course either extremely well (47%) or very well (47%). Lastly, instructors felt that CengageNOW made teaching easier and better (average rating of 3.6 out of 4).


    CengageNOW Meets the Needs of All Types of Students
    CengageNOW is equally effective for men and women and for students of different ethnicities. In addition, instructors stated the needs of students with a wide range of capabilities were met very well through the use of CengageNOW (average rating of 3.3 on a scale of 1-4). And 81% of the 27 students reported they had learned more
    than they would have otherwise because of their use of CengageNOW.