• Small Business Resource Center

    When starting a new business, entrepreneurs need all the help they can get. Created by subject experts and a librarian advisory board, Small Business Resource Center brings together hundreds of sample business plans, journals, multimedia content, and more.

    Small Business Resource Center covers all major areas of starting and operating a business: financing, management, marketing, human resources, franchising, accounting, taxes and more. Startups, established businesses, and business students alike can find answers from its mobile responsive experience.

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    Additional features include:

    • Improved translation with interface and articles that can be translated into over 20 languages
    • ReadSpeaker text-to-speech technology that lets users hear the article read out loud and download the audio file to take with them on their phone or other mobile device
    • Highlights and notes to select and annotate important text to view, print, or export
    • Citation Tools generate both APA, MLA, and Chicago citation in the most recent format
    • Website Listings to provide vetted, fully indexed, authoritative links to related outside resources and articles
    • Glossary with over 2,200 key business-specific terms defined for quick reference, replacing the generic dictionary link
    • LegalForms link capability when your library also subscribes to Gale LegalForms, a quick link to that product will automatically appear in the Small Business Resource Center navigation tool bar                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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