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    For business professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and general researchers, Gale Business Insights: Global delivers comprehensive international business intelligence, compiled into a logical, useable context.

    It’s the first online resource that empowers people to not only study international business, but also to interpret their research. Deep intelligence powered by statistical data helps users spend less time searching for data – and more time connecting their discoveries to practical applications.

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    • Research tools available

      Sophisticated research tools combine with convenient access to comprehensive learning materials.

    • Organized content

      Content is organized by country, company, and industry to quickly engage users in the global business environment.

    • Investment opportunity reporting

      Investigate investment opportunities comprehensively and easily with company investment reports.

    • Detailed financial reports

      Move researchers quickly to higher levels of understanding and application, like access to detailed company financial reports.

    • Advanced search features

      Boost productivity by locating hard-to-find data, accomplishing tasks, and meeting goals with advanced search features and result links.

    • International reports

      Industry reports by country can help those looking to expand internationally.

    • Interactive charts

      Interactive charts allow users to compare countries, industries, and companies.

    • Stay informed

      Stay in touch with country overviews, interactive rankings and stats, and links to breaking news, case studies, and articles.

    • Identify trends

      Find the broader context behind events and trends via multiple metrics, suggested metrics, and inline article content.

    • Reference materials available

      This highly intuitive resource has case studies, statistical data, news articles, academic journals, and topical reference materials.

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    Gale Business Insights: Global combines an international perspective and sophisticated research tools with convenient access to comprehensive learning materials.

    • 193 profiles of UN-recognized countries
    • 300 sources of investment and brokerage reports
    • 1,000 SWOT reports
    • 2,000 case studies
    • 2,300 corporate chronologies
    • 4,200 full-text periodicals
    • 11,500 market research reports
    • 15,000 company histories
    • 50,500 articles from Market Share Reporter
    • 465,000 company profiles and 2,000 industry profiles
    • Plus thousands of interactive charts; interactive metrics from the World Bank; and country reports from the Economist Intelligence Unit and Dun & Bradstreet

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