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    Today’s business researchers demand instant access to reliable, comprehensive data and the tools to analyze and interpret the information. Gale Business Insights: Essentials delivers authoritative company and industry information, articles, and statistical data. 

    Business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, investors, financial planners, and general researchers can explore real-world applications and develop analytical skills. Gale BusinessInsights: Essentials features easy-to-search rich content, a user-friendly interface, and robust analytical tools. 

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  • Gale Business Insights: Essentials makes it easy for researchers to use in-depth information on U.S. businesses, industries, and products. 

    • 300 sources for investment research/brokerage reports 
    • 1,000 SWOT reports, updated quarterly  
    • 2,200 corporate chronologies  
    • 3,900 full-text periodicals  
    • 11,500 market research reports  
    • 14,000 industry research reports from Datamonitor  
    • 15,000 company histories  
    • 50,500 articles from Market Share Reporter  
    • 70,000 associations  
    • 80,000 articles from Gale’s Business Rankings Annual     
    • 465,000 company profiles including 2,000 with deep links to related content and statistical data  

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