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    Support small business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, nonprofits, business professionals, and students through reliable resources with real examples and templates they can use. With eResources from Gale, you can help drive economic growth in your community by providing information and planning tools.

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    Most Popular Products

    Demographics Now: Business and People

    With DemographicsNow:Business & People, users produce comprehensive business and residential lists, detailed demographic reports, maps that visualize trends, and customized customer reports by uploading their own data.

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    Gale Business Insights: Global

    Gale Business Insights: Global combines an international perspective and sophisticated research tools with targeted learning materials for those who work, or asprire to work, across countries and cultures.

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    Gale Courses

    Gale Courses offer more than 90 instructor-led online courses tied directly to business topics. From controlling finances to developing websites, entrepreneurs find convenient, engaging support for their goals.

    • Accounting Fundamentals
    • Business and Marketing Writing
    • Creating a Successful Business Plan
    • Creating WordPress Websites
    • Employment Law Fundamentals
    • Fundamentals of Supervision & Mgmt
    • Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2013
    • Managing Customer Service
    • Marketing Your Business on the Internet
    • Marketing Your Nonprofit
    • Nonprofit Fundraising Essentials
    • Purchasing Fundamentals
    • Small Business Marketing on a Shoestring
    • Start and Operate Your Own Home-Based Business
    • Start Your Own Small Business
    • Supply Chain Management Fundamentals
    • Wow, What a Great Event!

    GVRL eBooks

    Offer unlimited, simultaneous access to eBooks that foster skill development in finance, economics, branding, marketing, investment, global business, management, and more.

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    Deliver 250 on-demand business and Microsoft Office skills training video courses to build talent and develop a more knowledgeable, productive and valuable workforce. A pioneer in the field of online learning, Skillsoft courses deliver highly-effective content through innovative technology.

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    Other Resources

    Gale Business Insights: Essentials

    Reliable, user-friendly data and analytic tools make Gale Business Insights: Essentials the ideal resource for authoritative company and industry information, articles, and statistics.

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    Gale Directory Library

    Gale Directory Library is an electronic treasure trove of 51 trusted directories from Gale and other renowned publishers. “Search, sort and import” functionality supports up-to-date coverage of companies, publishers, associations, and more.

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    Gale LegalForms

    Gale LegalForms is the only electronic reference offering officially approved, state-specific legal forms. An easy-to-use appoach answers user questions as they download and modify forms for filing patents and trademarks, developing leases, creating bills of sale, and more.

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    InfoTrac (Small Business Periodical Collection)

    Hundreds of thousands of full-text periodicals are easily and intuitively searched for small-business insights, tips, strategies, and success stories.

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    Small Business Resource Center

    Small Business Resource Center’s periodical and reference content guides prospective and current entrepreneurs through all aspects of starting and operating a business: accounting, HR, management, marketing, tax, and much more.

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