• Innovative Partnership


    Your expertise.
    Our shared partnership.

    Our authors are the foundation from which Cengage Learning reaches students at all levels.  Their talents shape products and services that transform the educational experience, through comprehensive content coupled with Cengage Learning’s technical innovation and ability to connect with our customers.  

    We share our authors’ vision that education transforms lives by fostering excellence in the student, enhancing expertise in the educator, providing a path for the jobseeker, and delivering new perspectives for the entrepreneur.  

    Our solutions are built around the needs of today’s learners to provide a complete learning experiences founded on choice and value. Examples of our key digital innovations include:  

    • CengageBrain.com, our e-commerce portal that allows individual users access to buy or rent learning content and then share their experiences and questions with their academic peers
    • CourseMaster, our portfolio of online homework solutions that engage today’s learners with rich interactive multimedia experiences that put academic concepts into practical contexts
    • MindTap, the first of its kind in a new category: the Personal Learning Experience. This program of digital products and services uses interactivity and customization to engage students, while offering instructors a choice in content, platforms, devices, and learning tools