• Why Analytics

    Discover who’s in your library community

    Analytics On Demand adds value to your existing data and unlocks valuable insights about your community.

    Learn about your library patrons:

    • Where they are
    • Where they aren’t
    • How far they are from your library
    • High penetration areas
    • Identify and target areas to grow

    Analyze, impact, and  measure…

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    Household-level data—Identify your patrons to the household level, not the block group (block group analysis identifies the dominant ‘cluster’ which can be misleading). With up-to-date Mosaic ifestyle segmentation, get rich demographic data, like population, age, race/ethnicity, income.

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    Based on learnings, make changes in your library.
    Make data-driven decisions to target new populations, create new programs, and better allocate your budget and resources.

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    Run the reports again to see if you changes made the desired impact. By better understanding the communities you serve, leverage your  analysis to help define and accomplish your library’s goals.


    “We can do specific marketing programs, and take a pre-program look at patrons coming in and a post-program look at patrons coming in, and actually see if we’ve been effective,” said Kathryn Lynip, Manager of Reference and Adult Services for the Mamie Doud Eisenhower Public Library (MDEPL) in Broomfield, CO.

    “If this does what you say, I'm buying it as soon as available; sorely needed.”
    - Focus Group Participant

    “Real data for real solutions.”
    - Samantha Chada, Director of Communications and Technology at Sandusky Library, on Twitter

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