• Services & Support

    With your subscription to Analytics On Demand, you receive:

    • Training and implementation 
    • Access to a collaboration space with other public library Analytics On Demand users
    • Free promo materials for Gale products to boost usage among patrons
    • Consultative resource mapping

    Add-On Services

    Analytics On Demand may work perfectly on its own to deliver the insights you need to spring in to action. Just because it can stand alone, doesn’t mean you have to. Enhance your planning process by further partnering with Gale to produce these one-time deliverables.

    • Custom survey development—Supplement quantitative report data with qualitative community feedback.
    • Strategic planning consultation with business analyst—Data interpretation and recommendations
    • Marketing consultation—Develop strategic community outreach plan, including tactical recommendations and creative concepts.
    • Custom application development—If your library has needs that are not satisfied by existing apps, we can create an app just for you.


    What is Analytics?

    Analytics is the analysis of data. Large corporate, governmental, and non-profit organizations use analytics, or “big data,” to their advantage. Public libraries, big or small, can also find value in embracing a data-driven approach. You too can better understand the communities you serve and leverage analysis to help define and accomplish your library’s goals. Improve your ROI and plan for the future!

    Who is Analytics on Demand for?

    This product is only available for U.S. and Canadian public libraries at this time. Stay tuned for geographical advancements.

    Why would I need analytics?

    Research shows data-driven businesses are 2x as likely to be top performers financially, 3x more likely to execute decisions as intended, and 5x more likely to make better decisions faster. Public libraries, big or small, can also find value in embracing a data-driven approach. You can better understand the communities you serve, get detailed demographic insights, and leverage this analysis to help define and accomplish your library’s goals, improve your ROI, and plan for the future.

    How would a data analytics service benefit my public library?

    Through ongoing access to detailed and customized reports, you’ll be able to connect with your users like never before. Apply rich patron-intelligence, like demographics, general interests, lifestyle, and behaviors, to:

    • Better inform your day-to-day decision making and strategic planning
    • Create targeted community outreach campaigns to increase engagement among current and non-cardholders alike
    • Prioritize improvements to your library’s collections or programs
    • Optimize your existing resources by focusing attention where it’s needed most
    • Measure your performance to goal achievement
    You may find these short videos helpful:


    What are some features of this tool?

    One of the most important features of Analytics On Demand is that it’s easy to use! People often think that data-driven decision making and marketing is time intensive and requires expert analysts. That’s not the case with Analytics On Demand. With this resource you have access to affordable and intuitive tools that:

    • Do the hard work for you - Simply extract the file from your ILS or other system, follow a series of simple prompts to upload, and let the application do the rest—there is no need for you to clean and format your data.
    • Deliver a comprehensive analysis. Each application blends your library data with data from other sources to provide additional meaning and insight; these include census demographics and lifestyle characterizations (Mosaic) to name a few.
    • Give you insights, how and when you want them. You have direct access to customize and run reports as often as you’d like, so you can avoid having to send your data offsite for processing and wait for analysis to be provided at a later date.
    • Provide a clear picture of what to do next. Each report includes a narrative summary as well as “visual analytics”—which help translate your data into easy-to-understand charts and graphs.


    How many apps are available?

    Currently, there are seven apps for public libraries in the U.S. Learn more about each on the Apps page.

    • Patron Profiles
    • Collection Intelligence
    • eBook & Audiobook Insights
    • Marketing Actions (Patrons)
    • Marketing Actions (Non-Patrons)
    • Branch Insights
    • Patron Voter Analysis
    With any single app purchase, Analytics On Demand users earn access to nine bonus apps related to formatting and marketing.

    Canadian libraries can choose from:

    • Patron Profiles
    • Collection Intelligence
    • eBook & Audiobook Insights

    These three apps use PRIZM5 demographic data from Environics Analytics, in place of the Experian Mosaic data. All Canadian data is calculated as a weighted average based on the dissemination area the household falls into; mapping is done at the house-hold level.

    Gale will continuously develop additional apps to meet library needs. Customizable apps are always available.

    How much does it cost?

    Analytics On Demand is an affordable option and priced by population-served specifics. Contact your Gale Representative for pricing specifics.

    Are there limitations to usage? Can two people run separate reports at the same time?

    You will receive one email account (which can be any email you specify) to access and run the ‘apps’. Only one login per email account is allowed, however, the ‘apps’ can be run as many times in as many report options as required by the library account holder.

    What sets Analytics On Demand apart?

    Advantages over other solutions that may be available on the market:

    • Identifies and analyzes your patrons to the household level – not the block group (block group analysis identifies the dominant ‘cluster’ which can easily be misleading). The new Mosaic® system is the first segmentation tool built in the U.S. market in the past five to 10 years and reflects critical new data presented in the 2010 census. This classification system paints a rich picture of U.S. consumers and their sociodemographics, lifestyles, behaviors and culture, providing the most accurate and comprehensive view of customers, prospects and markets, according to Experian.
    • Reports are available in Excel, PDF, Word, and HTML
    • Ongoing access to detailed customizable reports allows ‘anytime’ report generation with updated files to continuously better understand your community, predict interests based on data, and deliver relevant services


    How is Analytics On Demand implemented?

    First, your library provides a sample of the data you plan to use, so we can verify our application is calibrated to deliver the highest quality results. After we’ve tested for this compatibility, your subscription can begin. Once that’s complete, your library will receive an access letter providing information on apps they’ll receive via the gallery and can begin to use the service.

    Can business patrons use this information?

    Analytics On Demand is for library-use only; however, you can offer similar demographic reporting tools to your business patrons with Demographics Now.