How Analytics on Demand Works

    Upload your data

    Analytics On Demand is an online service of analytic modules that allows a public library to quickly and easily use data from their ILS or other electronic systems without having to scrub data for formatting consistencies before uploading.

    Select your file

    The same way in which you attach an email and match the data fields. Only you handle your data—No need to deliver data to offsite agencies or IT departments requiring delays in processing and/or computer programming staff.

    Select analysis criteria

    Through a short series of drop-down menus you will specify how you want your data analyzed—these options vary with different apps. Changing the criteria allows for insightful discovery.

    Run your downloadable report!
    Your library’s internal data is then blended with external data in a secure cloud-based network. Gale partners with Alteryx, Inc., a leader in advanced analytics. The external data comprises:

    • U.S. Census demographics
    • Voter registration info
    • Geographic data
    • Mosaic lifestyle segmentation with detailed socioeconomic profiles including  age, ethnicity, education, employment, location, population density, behaviors, and interests.

    Finally, the app outputs a PDF report with easy-to-read charts, graphs, and maps.

    Ongoing access to customizable reports

    Meaningful results from analyzing and predicting patron needs and interests by household can assist in allocating budget for resources, services, and collection development.

    Apps are simple to run and the visual easy-to-read reports can quickly be rerun, providing up-to-date  highly useable patron insights. Predict what people are interested in, deliver relevant services, and understand your community better than ever!

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