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    Course360 is a flexible, comprehensive and customizable online course solution to engage and motivate all types of learners and measurably improve student outcomes


    Focused on: Learner Centric Learning

    • Measurable learning
    • Extensive access to learning
    • Complete learning flexibility
    • Comprehensive learning program


    Learner Centric: Research-Proven Learning Strategies

    Research shows that students are motivated to learn when engaged in activities that are problem-based, situated, reflective, and collaborative

    • Course360 learning materials are designed to enhance critical thinking and increase peer interaction
    • Pedagogy incorporates activities that support all types of learning styles with text, video, audio, multimedia and interactivity
    • Extraneous information is limited while accessing student schema to maximize the working memory and acquisition of content


    Course360 is a complete solution including:

    • Curriculum
    • Pedagogy
    • All content
    • Media mapped to learning outcomes
    • Assessment
    • Corresponding digital reading materials

    Each unit begins with an engager to pull the student into the content by either challenging pre-conceived assumptions about subject matter or illustrating the connection between course content and real world application

    • Courses provide collaboration between learners by emphasizing use of thoughtful, outcome driven discussion board topics
    • Real word examples are presented through video interviews, case studies, and simulations
    • Materials include media, discussion, case studies and team projects


    Measurable Learning

    • All Course360 solutions are learning outcome driven
    • Delivery in the IMS Common Cartridge open standards format enables use of native LMS analytics to assess performance
    • Courses are outcomes-oriented and built with customization in mind; therefore, it’s easy to add content or deconstruct as needed
    • The solution leverages the idea of a master pre-designed course while still allowing for academic freedom and modification
    • Even after loading a Course360 course into a Learning Management System, an instructor has the ability to continually modify the content to meet unique needs


    iGuide includes teaching tips to prepare and teach the course

    • iGuide provides grading criteria
    • iGuide offers grading rubrics designed specifically for the multiple assessment types included in the Course 360 course


    Comprehensive Learning Program

    • Course360 offers a complete course or collection of complete courses to create programs across the business department or even across the entire school
    • Allows organizations to provide a full learning experience without having invest or build from the ground up


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