• Aplia Testimonials

    "I'm looking forward to another year of Aplia. I think it was very effective last year!"

          - Vicki Greshik, Accounting, Jamestown College, ND

    "I think "Grade It Now" will transform student's learning of accounting as no other tool has done. I am making the Aplia scores equal to an exam so that students have good motivation."
          - Warren Palmer, Accounting, Beloit College, WI

    "It is my professional opinion that this is one of the best web-based homework alternatives that I have seen. The content and quality of Aplia is unmatched. One of the biggest complaints that students have about homework is that they can't ask the instructor any questions if they are having difficulty. The explanation eliminates this problem and provides detailed, yet easy-to-understand explanations that use the same language as the textbook."
          - Angela Seidel, Accounting, Cambria-Rowe Business College, PA

    "I love the online working papers because it reduces time for correcting papers, provides immediate responses, and is flexible. My students love it because everything they do is online and they can easily relate to the online format. Their understanding of the concepts are much stronger than the manual method because they're able to quickly see results and fix their errors."
          - Lisa Durocher, Accounting, Green Mountain Technology & Career Center, VT