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    Aplia is a premier online homework product that successfully engages students and maximizes the amount of effort they put forth, creating more efficient learners.


    Aplia has the following advantages:

    • In addition to end-of-chapter homework, Aplia offers a separate, original problem set that complements the book.
    • Students receive unique, detailed explanations and the full solution after each attempt on homework.


    What is included in Aplia?

    • All end-of-chapter questions
    • Additional set of more conceptual questions
    • “Grade it Now” maximizes student effort on each attempt and ensures students do their own work.
    • “Smart Entry” helps eliminate common typos and errors to help students do their best work and understand the concept behind each answer.
    • Engaging diagnostics allow you to track student performance around a variety of parameters and compare individual student performance against class averages.


    Aplia upgrades:

    • Blueprint Problems
    • Practice Reviews
    • Increased Instructor Control: Instructors now have more options in how they assign materials from the question banks.
    • Full Test Bank is included in Aplia.
    • MindTap Reader


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